Chapel of Awareness Tucson

Chapel of Awareness Tucson

931 N Fifth Avenue

Chapel of Awareness

Join a fellowship of like minded people who have had spiritual events in their lives.

Would you like to communicate with your spirit guides?  

Would you like to contact deceased friends and relatives?  

Would you like to continue with your personal healing journey?  

At the Chapel of Awareness  we try to train our attendees through coursework and meditation practice to allow our guides to communicate information to us.  

Please come and join us in this learning endeavor.


Note:  call Jim at (520) 820-0727 to find out about our service, our church and classes, or reserve a private reading/consultation.

Next Class: Sundays, starts Jan. 7, 2018, 7pm. Call if interested: 520-820-0727

Sunday Service: 5pm: Healing, lecture and messages.

Park in back, from Arizona Ave. (the alley)

NEW:  Pot luck and social hour after service; bring a healthy snack or not.  Come and enjoy.

Private Readings follow Pot Luck after 6:00 pm

Click on Blog link for message of the day.

Beginning Lectures, Sunday, at  7:00 pm

Tuition: Donation of $130 for 13 weeks of weekly lectures.

Those who complete the Beginning Lectures will be invited to attend circles for the students.  The circles intend to help each student become aware of spirit, and communicate with the spiritual teachers and guides/angels that have been by their side since before they were born.

Regular Service, 5 pm

Order of Service:

Opening request, Rev. Bradley’s request, Connect with the earth and the devine, guided self healing, absent healing, Stillness Meditation, energy healing by healers, lecture, announcements, spirit messages, closing pledge.

Meditation: When one achieves stillness of mind, the peace is deep and soothing.

It is in this state that accurate spiritual communication is achieved.

Pastor Rev. Jim McCaw, Ordained Minister and Medium for 35+ years, 520-820-0727

Chapel of Awareness, Tucson, is a spiritualist church.  Its mother church was founded in Encinitas, California by Rev. Eugene C. Larr with the help of his spirit teacher Tau Sing and  other prominent mediums:  Rev. Nancy Tappe,  Rev. Rosita Gennaway.


Private consultation.

6pm, After the Service & Class; call 520-820-0727 to reserve. Donation: $20/15min, $60/1hr.


Hour or more of healing will be provided by appointment: $60.

Call Rev. Jim at 520-820-0727

The Mission to Teach Spirit Communication

Tau Sing and Rev. Larr brought down from the ages specific techniques which can help anyone draw back the veil between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.   These techniques require practice and will be taught in the Lecture Series and practiced in circles.  These techniques, if practiced daily, will enable any person to connect and communicate with the angels who are near them.

The purpose of the church is to teach everyone to reliably communicate with the other side, particularly their teachers, guardian angels and spirit healers, as well as passed friends and relatives. The church circle helps students develop many psychic skills.

The Pastor of the Tucson church is Rev. James W. McCaw.

Sunday Services

5pm: Meditation and Healing;  Lecture and Spirit Messages

931 N Fifth Avenue, Tucson AZ 85602

Ample parking in the rear: 931 N. Arizona Avenue.

About the Chapel of Awareness

This  book will tell you all about us:

In the Beginning, A Spiritualist’s Bible, Original Works of Rev. Eugene C. Larr,

ISBN: 978-1-60976-691-7.  Available on Amazon

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