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Don’t wallow in the mud, unless you are having fun! —- Ling So

Beauty everywhere

(Read each line and savor it for a second) Picture a group of native Americans sitting around the campfire, and the elder speaking: The wind blows. Enjoy its beauty. The river flows.  Enjoy its beauty. The leaves fall. Enjoy their beauty. The stars shine. Enjoy their beauty. The snow casts its beauty across the land…. (read more)

Changing the world

You can make the world over into the way you want it.  Even if you had the power, and there is a chance that an avatar could, it would be gross interference on a grand scale. So, what you are left with is to change the way you respond to the actions of those who… (read more)


Losses are nature’s way of balancing — giving back. All things must return, and return they will. Loss is painful because we expect everything to come out way. We will experience less pain if we study the universe as it is, flow with it, anticipating every nuance of the flowing current and move with it…. (read more)

Dealing with negatives in ourselves

Replace fear with knowledge and understanding; Replace hatred with love; Replace anxiety with humor; Replace self-doubt with self-confidence; Replace suspicion and distrust with awareness; Replace pain with pleasure; Replace mental weakness with the power of the mind; Replace aimless wanderings with purposeful action; Replace loneliness with acts of friendship; Replace greed with generosity; Replace lethargy… (read more)

Climb the Mountain

Climb the mountain, one step at a time.  Enjoy each step, each rock, each flower. They are each a world unto themselves. Enjoy the trip, each step an adventure. But, don’t lose sight of the mountain. The mountain will come to you in due time and with diligent effort. —- Running Brook

Wisdom of Nature

Wisdom is all around you. It is in the trees; It is in the little bird. It is in the grass. What does it say to you? A world of beauty awaits, just outside  our doors. Where the rules of life have already been established long ago. Where a peaceful harmony abides.  And all living… (read more)

Stillness Meditation

Stillness meditation is stilling the mind, releasing all thoughts and emotions.   The benefits are many, but one that is often not mentioned is: You gain great control of your thoughts, feelings and everything that could affect you spiritually or physically.   This takes some practice for a while to achieve, but it is a… (read more)