Chapel of Awareness Tucson

Chapel of Awareness Tucson

931 N Fifth Avenue

Pastor’s Bio

Rev. Jim Pastor


Rev. Jim McCaw started at the Chapel of Awareness in Encinitas, California as a student in 1973.   He attended the Beginning Lecture Series in that year and continued to attend circles, teach classes, give readings and services for approximately 30 years.   He developed clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairscentience, trance, out-of-body travel, healing, mediumship, psychokinesis, spirit communication and other psychic skills over the years.

Rev. McCaw was ordained a minister of the Chapel of Awareness in 1998.  The official stole denoting his ministry was placed on Rev. McCaw by the founder, Rev. Eugene C. Larr.

Rev. McCaw has served the mother church in Encinitas since his ordination.  Although he moved to Tucson in 2004, he returns to the mother church where he lectures, gives readings, and teaches.

Besides having spiritual circles and giving readings, his favorite hobby is astronomy, and he has his own observatory 40 miles southeast of Tucson.  Rev. McCaw is an avid follower of real scientific progress, and brings the latest scientific discoveries into his lectures at the church.

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