Chapel of Awareness Tucson

Chapel of Awareness Tucson

931 N Fifth Avenue


The Pastor, Rev. Jim McCaw will give readings on Sundays, after the service at 931 N Fifth Ave, Tucson AZ.

The service will be from 4pm to approximately 5pm, and will include a free brief message from spirit near the end of the service.

Readings will begin after the service and classes are over, at approximately 6:00 pm.

We recommend that readings be reserved ahead of time by calling Rev. Jim at 520-820-0727 or by emailing   This will reserve your time for the reading.

The readings are done for fundraising.  Rev. Jim will give a reading of 15 minutes to anyone who donates at least $20.

When doing a reading Rev. Jim McCaw will contact the high spirit entities around you.  He is in communication with many spiritual teachers, guides and angels, including:

  • His master teacher Ling So, a Buddhist and Green Jade master
  • Fu Chen, a Buddhist monk
  • Sister Marguerite, a Catholic Nun
  • Sister Angelina, Rev. Jim’s love teacher
  • Fr. John, a Franciscan monk from St. Francis original order
  • Roderick Thrice, a wizard Rev. Jim worked with from around 1000 AD
  • Ethrais, a medieval king, whom Rev. Jim served as a wizard
  • Running Brook, a native American shaman and Rev. Jim’s healing teacher
  • “Brother of the Forest”, a native-American companion, from 3000 years ago
  • Koriorti, an Egyptian physician and associate of Imhotep from 2300 B.C.
  • Sinius Glavius, a Roman Guard who was Rev. Jim’s body guard around the first century AD
  • Ellen and David, Rev. Jim’s joy guides
  • Rev. Eugene C. Larr, founder of the Chapel of Awareness
  • Tao Sing, Rev. Larr’s Green Jade teacher
  • Simon Peter
  • St. Francis of Assisi

Many, many others surround Rev. Jim when he is working, guiding and protecting all who attend the services, lecture, circles and readings.





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