Chapel of Awareness Tucson

Chapel of Awareness Tucson

931 N Fifth Avenue

Beauty everywhere

(Read each line and savor it for a second)

Picture a group of native Americans sitting around the campfire, and the elder speaking:

The wind blows. Enjoy its beauty.

The river flows.  Enjoy its beauty.

The leaves fall. Enjoy their beauty.

The stars shine. Enjoy their beauty.

The snow casts its beauty across the land.

The summer green spreads its life.

It is our blessing to see these changes as beauty and enjoy them.

Take a look at all the changes of your life, some seasonal, some permanent, some temporary.

Are they not also beautiful?

Those that are not, we heal, we grow out of, we change.

We savor the changes that are good and most of them are beautiful.

—– Brother of the Forest


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